South London Ferments

Online Fermentation Workshops

Join me for fun, friendly and informative socially-distanced workshops where you can learn how to make fermented foods and drinks that are packed full of probiotic benefits for your gut.

Upcoming Events:
18 September ~ Kimchi Workshop ~ Peckham [Book Tickets]
8 October ~ Hot Sauce Workshop ~ East Dulwich [Book Tickets]

October Date TBC ~ Kombucha Workshop ~ East Dulwich

September 2020 Issue of The Dulwich Diverter
Socially Distanced Fermentation Workshops in Peckham and East Dulwich ~ Private sessions available in South London by request

Hot Sauce Workshops

Fermented chilli sauce workshop: This is a raw vegan recipe without any need for preservatives, E numbers or sugar that you commonly find in lots of the well-known chilli sauces. As it’s fermented, it’s got all the gut-boosting probiotic benefits too. Next workshop on 8th October 2020.
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Kimchi Workshops

Kimchi is a quintessential Korean dish. It is most often made from Chinese leaf cabbage which is fermented with lactic acid bacteria and flavored with Korean red pepper. We teach you all you need to know to make kimchi to take home and ferment with full instructions.

Kimchi is loaded with healthy lactic acid 7 probiotic bacteria. It is great for your gut health and I recommend including fermented foods and drinks in your daily diet.

The recipes used in our workshops are raw and vegan unless otherwise stated. Please note some of the drinks workshops using whey are vegetarian but not vegan as they contain a starter culture from milk.

Photos from Workshops:

South London Ferments offers Fermentation Workshops in Peckham and Dulwich ~ Kimchi, Kefir, Chilli Sauce, Kombucha & Koji Miso

Online workshops are now over. Find me fermenting around South London!
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