Hello and welcome to South London Ferments. My name is Lorraine Liyanage. I have been teaching kimchi workshops for nearly three years now and love sharing the fermentation knowledge with fellow fermentation enthusiasts. I also run workshops on how to make water kefir, kombucha and koji rice miso paste (soya-free).

Learn how to make kimchi, a traditional Korean dish packed with vitamins and full of flavour!

New for 2020: Fermented Hot Sauce workshop at the Copper Beech Cafe in Dulwich

Sunday 12 January 2020: F45 Peckham Rye for gym members only [More Info]
Friday 17 January 2020: Bell House, Dulwich Village. [Book Tickets]
Thursday 6 February 2020: Holdrons Arcade, Peckham [Book Tickets]
Sunday 1 March 2020: Copper Beech Cafe, North Dulwich [More Info]

COMING SOON: Fermentation for Weight Loss with Alice Yeates from Help Me Healthy. Keep an eye on my Instagram page for more information.


Most of my workshops are at local venues such as the Copper Beech Cafe in Dulwich, Holdrons Arcade in Peckham and Bell House in Dulwich Village but I have also taken the fermentation abroad to The Kasbar in Gibraltar. If you have a venue in mind where you’d like me to teach a workshop, do get in touch. Here is the list of upcoming events for 2020 – there’s kimchi fermentation aplenty! I also collaborate with nutritional therapist Alice Yeates from Help Me Healthy Nutrition on Gut Health and Weight Loss workshops so keep an eye out as we’ll be adding those in later in the year.

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Music & Kimchi

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